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How to get the most out of adult dating

A lot of guys think that the most they can expect from adult dating is simply free pussy. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of value in free pussy. First of all, you’re not paying for it. That’s a great thing. Most of the time, guys would have to pay at least a couple hundred dollars for dinner, maybe some flowers, some great drinks, great entertainment, then at the end of the night, maybe. Just maybe, they’ll get lucky.

Well you can kiss all of that goodbye with free sex. I mean, it’s free, you don’t have to bust a sweat. You don’t have to work a few extra shifts at your job just so you can afford that pussy. I mean, what’s not to love right? Also, it’s sex. You don’t have to beat around the bush. You don’t have to walk on eggshells trying to read what she’s not really trying to say. You don’t have to go through all sorts of channels just read what she’s thinking or saying. You can dispense with all that bullshit and go straight to what counts right?

Again, what’s not to love? Well, the problem is it’s too easy to just look at adult dating as a simple way to get free sex. While free sex is a good thing in of itself, it’s not the only benefit you get from adult dating. To get the most out of adult dating, you have to have an open mind. You have to understand that your sex life is not some sort of hermetically sealed compartmentalized portion of your life that is safely divorced form the other areas of your life.

Think of it this way, whatever realizations and progress you make in your sex life can translate to how well you do to work, how creative you re, how imaginative you could be at work and your relationships, and so on down the road. Do you see where I’m coming from? Unfortunately most guys fail to look at their lies as a holistic unit. They try to look at themselves as simply a heap of identities. They are sons, fathers, friends, husbands, boyfriends, and all sorts of roles.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to do that to yourself, you’re going to destroy this unity that you have. You’re not your roles, you’re more than that. I’m not saying that your roles are completely worthless. I’m not saying that you should not abide by those rules. I’m not saying that at all. What I’m saying is that you need to look at yourself as a whole being.  You’re not split up in terms of dimension time, and location. You are who you are. And if you look at adult dating from this perspective, you are able to see connections regarding the skills that you are building trying to hook up with members of the opposite sex online with other areas of your life.

For example, if you have low self-confidence, you have to get over it for you to get laid online. Wouldn’t it be nice to translate that personal breakthrough of increasing confidence to get pussy and apply it to your work life? Part of the reason why you’re not getting as promoted as much as you could be, and why you’re not making as much money as you could be is because you have low self-confidence. You may have a low view of your ability to earn money, you might think that ultimately you’re not worth that much.

Well, if you are able to be more confident in your search for online pussy, can’t you translate some of that confidence to the workplace? By the same token, if you feel that you have a strained relationship with your father because you feel that he always thinks that you’re a loser or that you are living a way lower than your fullest potential, you can translate some of that confidence to earn his respect. Do you see where I’m coming from?

There are no arbitrary fixed lines in your life. These walls are invisible precisely because you put them there. You don’t have to be there. You can live a life of full power and control. It’s up to you. Don’t let breakthroughs you enjoy in your sex life remain there. Those breakthroughs involve key areas of confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and a sense of meaning.

Learn from those important breakthroughs and apply them across the board. You’d be surprised as to where you’d end up. You’d be surprised as to how much more money you’d be making.  You’d be surprised as to how often you’d get promoted. You’d be surprised as to how much better your relationship with the important people in your life could be. It really all boils down to you. Stop settling for what you’re getting, you were put in this planet for something more.

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How important is tech in finding a local hook up?

Usually, when you join a website that promises local hookups like FindLocalHookup, you assume that the technology is there. At the very least, you’d assume that there is some sort of date matching or database matching functionality. The problem with this assumption is that it sets the bar very, very low. Think about it. If you join any kind of website or even download a mobile dating app, search matching is built in.


If it isn’t built in, get the fuck out of that website or delete that app. You are absolutely wasting your time. You have no business being a member of that particular site or app.


Assuming that they do have some sort of matching technology, you really have to be very, very discriminating. Assuming that the women on that website are real, all things should be equal. Go with the website that has the best technology.


So what should you look for?


First, the matching technology must be spot on. If you’re looking for blond green eyed women, the first people that would show up should be women that fit your parameters. Second, the website should have clear communication channels. There’s really no point in recruiting tons of women in your local area and you are running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off because you can’t efficiently communicate with these chicks.


Pay attention to these two factors and you have pretty much nailed down the two key technological components that you should demand in any type of adult online dating website. Notice the word that I used, “demand”. This is not optional. This is not one of those things that you would say that would be nice to have. This is absolute necessity. If this shit isn’t there, get the fuck away.

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