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Month: November, 2020

Next Level Interracial Porn

I watch all kinds of porn. I’ve always been a horny guy that gets turned on by a lot of different categories and niches. I try not to ever judge a book by its cover and don’t knock things until I’ve had the chance to try them at least once. I stumbled upon trans content a few years ago and didn’t really think it was something I’d enjoy, but wanted to check it out regardless. You never know when you’ll find something new that your body responds to. I came across more full length trans porn at Black Tranny Now. I’ve watched a bunch of interracial porn over the years, but nothing like this. I watched full length trans porn with a white dude fucking a black tranny and my cock stood at full attention. 

I definitely wasn’t prepared to be turned on as much as I was and thought I’d do a little scrolling and see what else the site had to offer. There was so much hardcore action here, that I ended up spending hours. This is without my new favorite site.