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Hot White Girls Fucked By Huge Black Rods That Pound Them Hardcore!

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That Lip Bite

I’m someone who can get annoyed quite easily with superficial things, overly simple things… I don’t even know how to word it exactly.

What I’m getting at is that something like a girl flicking her hair deliberately to draw attention to herself or to flirt with me is supposed to have the opposite effect on me. Yet, it doesn’t. I can still reason that it’s not supposed to work but it somehow just does and that I guess is just absolute proof that some things, especially and particularly the tactics employed by women on men, prey on or cores. Our absolute basic instincts.

That is why the lip bite, exactly what this hot little blonde in picture is doing is so effective on me and I bet on most, if not all of you too.

It’s not what the site is about at all, but I wanted to mention that now that I had a good example of it.

This site is about interracial porn as given away entirely by the name and you can get an instant 17% off discount to Blacks on Blondes with that link.

She’s About To Get Impaled

I’ve seen the site Blacked before but this is the first time I see this site BalckedRaw.vom. The font and style of the name is even the same but I don’t know for sure if it’s by the same people or not. The biggest reason for that is that it was already raw at the other site which makes me think that this could be entirely different site by different people altogether.

Be that as it may, it checks all the boxes of what you’d want to see in a BBC porn site. Why it’s predominantly white girls on sites like these I’m not sure but the contrast it creates is one of the things that people who enjoy interracial porn will typically tell you is especially appealing and I can see why.

This is Carolina Sweets in picture by the way and this 22 year old is tiny. She is only 5’0″ tall and weighs a measly 44lbs and she’s about to take on that monster cock. No fear.

Get a Blacked Raw discount for 45% off and enjoy the show.

White Chicks Go Wild Over BBC

To be honest the theme at Dark X is not specifically about BBC at all but it’s not like there are many black guys around with even average sized dicks never mind small ones so it comes with the territory.

It is however about interracial porn and to be exact, it’s white girls craving black cock and getting their appetites met.

This is a very popular genre and I can only imagine that it has a lot, if not most to do with the size of the dicks on these guys, which makes for great porn too. It also so happens that the natural ebony and ivory contrasts make for great visuals and these guys know full well how to exploit that to the maximum with the sets they use.

All round it is just brilliant from an artistic and aesthetic point of view through to the eroticism of it.

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