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How important is tech in finding a local hook up?

Usually, when you join a website that promises local hookups like FindLocalHookup, you assume that the technology is there. At the very least, you’d assume that there is some sort of date matching or database matching functionality. The problem with this assumption is that it sets the bar very, very low. Think about it. If you join any kind of website or even download a mobile dating app, search matching is built in.


If it isn’t built in, get the fuck out of that website or delete that app. You are absolutely wasting your time. You have no business being a member of that particular site or app.


Assuming that they do have some sort of matching technology, you really have to be very, very discriminating. Assuming that the women on that website are real, all things should be equal. Go with the website that has the best technology.


So what should you look for?


First, the matching technology must be spot on. If you’re looking for blond green eyed women, the first people that would show up should be women that fit your parameters. Second, the website should have clear communication channels. There’s really no point in recruiting tons of women in your local area and you are running around in circles like a chicken with its head cut off because you can’t efficiently communicate with these chicks.


Pay attention to these two factors and you have pretty much nailed down the two key technological components that you should demand in any type of adult online dating website. Notice the word that I used, “demand”. This is not optional. This is not one of those things that you would say that would be nice to have. This is absolute necessity. If this shit isn’t there, get the fuck away.